Posture and chiropractic care

Heidi HaavikApr 15, '151 comment

I was interviewed today by Paul Henry to discuss posture and chiropractic care. It's great that our profession is starting to get alot more exposure on mainstream media.

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Steve August on Apr 15, '15

Hi Heidi. Anyone sitting across from Paul Henry has my respect.. Well done getting the idea across that there is a hunching problem – not that easy to do in a few fast sentences. I’m a physio – trying to do something about what we’re all spotting: huge and increasing numbers of hunched humans, especially the iHunch generation bent over their laptops, tablets and smartphones. We’ve a website ( or just Google ‘Backpod’) dedicated to this specific problem with free videos showing ongoing home care including simple strengthening and stretching exercises, massage and posture. Also the Backpod, sort of a high-tech cushioned fulcrum, which uses the patient’s own upper body weight as the force to significantly stretch shortened collagen holding a frozen thoracic kyphosis in its hunch, so you get a lasting freeing up, not just a temporary one. We obviously have much common ground in dealing with this problem, and I’d be happy to talk about it. My cellphone is 0274 463 356. best wishes, Steve August.

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