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Dr Heidi Haavik is an internationally renowned speaker having spoken at several Conferences and Events worldwide, often as the keynote speaker.

Hello Dr. Haavik and Glenn,
I sincerely enjoyed meeting you both and cannot wait to partner again to do another event in the future. I received a lot of overwhelmingly positive verbal feedback from our faculty members. Based on what I’ve been told, it sounds like our students want and need to hear more! I don’t think I have been able to fully express how much I enjoyed having you both here…so thank you, thank you so very much for being a part of our big event!Sarah Hilliard, Director of Alumni Services, Cleveland Chiropractic College

2017 Speaking Engagements

Date Event Event Webpage
April 21-22  Life Vision

April 28-30  IACP

May 4-6 Sherman Lyceum

May 12-14 AGM

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